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The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop

152 Victoria Road · Cambridge · CB4 3DZ · Telephone 01223 362170


The meeting

‘… the triangular relationship of material, artist and patron is celebrated by us all … as the work develops, so do we.’David Kindersley

At the first meeting, we discover what is needed. Ideas and ideals are shared, so that understanding can develop. This has to be a relationship of trust, so that slowly and deliberately a point of understanding can be reached so we do not drift apart.

The lettercutter has a sense of service and a sense of responsibilty for making the best possible thing. This can inspire both parties to great heights.

Throughout ‘… the triangular relationship of material, artist and patron is celebrated by us all, working together from beginning to end; and … as the work develops, so do we. D.K.

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