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The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop

152 Victoria Road · Cambridge · CB4 3DZ · Telephone 01223 362170


The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop

The Workshop is now run by Lida, David Kindersley’s widow, with her husband Graham Beck. It consists usually of two lettercutters and three apprentices. Teaching is a vital part of workshop life.

Lida and her assistants make letters in stone, glass, metal, paper and wood, including headstones, commemmorative plaques, heraldic carving, sundials, typefaces, bookplates and lettering cut straight into buildings. They cut with hammer and chisel and avoid using machines. They design, cut, paint, gild and prefer to fix all their own work.

In furthering the cause of good lettering, Lida has composed handwriting workbooks published by Oxford University Press; has designed and marketed tea-towels, T-shirts, pottery, scarves and ties with lettering on them; and has held workshops in the UK and on the continent. From time to time she exhibits and lectures. In 2000 she received the National Stone Federation’s Award for Craftmanship, and the prize for designing the Millennium Dome Celebration medal. Lida has been on radio and television, most notably being features on BBC2 series, ‘A Passion for Churches’.