Playing cards celebrating the Centenary of David Kindersley’s birth.

To celebrate David Kindersley’s Centenary, his son Hallam conceived the idea of a pack of playing cards illustrating his work and legacy. Each card would feature a design by David or by Lida, his wife and present head of the Kindersley Workshop, or by both jointly; all produced in the Workshop in Cambridge, from David’s time to the present day.

The resulting pack illustrates heraldry in bas relief (Clubs); various letter forms on a variety of stones and slates (Spades for designs in David’s lifetime, Diamonds for designs since then); and the thirteen hand-coloured alphabets (Hearts) David designed for publication as prints from the mid 1960s, now to be found in museums and private collections across the UK. The Jokers are from a fashion label David designed, and his self-portrait (from the 1930s) is on the back of each card.

Price: £5 per pack


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